We recently went on a short road trip, playing Los Angeles, Joshua Tree, Tucson, Bisbee, and Las Vegas. The trip was a blast, and we had the good fortune of having Ames Flames, “Roadie to the Stars,” on board with us for the tour! What a difference it made having someone helping us out, and it didn’t hurt that he had some great stories to tell as well. Here we are after it all, dropping Ames off at his home in the hills of downtown Los Angeles, quietly looking down on the city from high above.

Wendy and her old pal Jo-Ann Rogan of Philly punk rock band Thorazine, recently did an interview which aired on East Coast radio station WESU, 88.1FM on Dec. 8th, by Cyma Shapiro. The focus of the interview, called “Front Women of Alternative Rock,” was women over 40 in rock and roll. Hear them talk about sexism and/or the lack thereof, touring pre-GPS, and where inspiration continues to come from. Click here for the archived link!

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