Since releasing ‘First Stone’ last year we’ve been working up quite a bit of material and have enough to begin putting together a proper full length! Our approach will be different this time as we will likely not use a crowdfunding platform to back this recording, though we may consider it for the pressing if we can’t get anyone to back that part of it after we have the music ‘in the can’.

Realistically, we expect to have something ready by years end, in the meantime we’ll  be playing some shows and trying to push the merch we have now in order to contribute the funds needed to cover studio time, so any support is appreciated. On our Bandcamp site there are various ways to pitch in, including music, t-shirts and original art prints created by Wendy herself! This is a multi-media endeavor as Wendy’s art is as much a part of the project as the music.

AR art print

1 0f a set of 3 prints by Wendy, available via our bandcamp!

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of the recording and once again, this Friday (6/17/16) we play the newly re-opened (under new management) Uptown Nightclub in Oakland CA with The Butlers and Los Sweet Bones!


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