New music, new home, waning moon…oh yeah, and a killer review!

Hi there…it’s Wendy here this time. Things have been a bit quiet on the public front of the Andalusia Rose camp, but lots is happening behind the scenes. The past few months have been monopolized by a big move for me from Oakland to Morongo Valley, just outside of Joshua Tree. I’m loving the desert life, full of coyotes, rabbits, roadrunners, spiders and some recent owl sightings! The simple things. The quiet and the dark have been quite inspiring for me, to say the least.


My backyard

There is a rich artistic and musical community here, and I’m looking forward to deepening my roots in that. I recently attended the Desert Generator Festival at Pappy & Harriets, a 5-band show featuring Earthless, Brant Bjork, Orchid, The Shrine, and Black Rainbows, along with the Rolling Heavy custom van show. We mingled with the stars, including Brant Bjork and Riding Easy Records honcho Daniel Hall, while a pesky drone hovered above the outdoor stage during Orchid’s set.

2017-04-09 01.44.39.jpg

Me ‘n my guy with Brant Bjork


The Riding Easy Sabbath Worship mobile




We are in the process of making a new record. We’ve been recording new material at Outland Studio in Berkeley, CA, little by little, as finances allow. We hope to have this record done in the next couple of months. We can’t wait for you to hear it!! It truly captures the essence of…us. Pure, unadulterated us! Some slow, bluesy, heartfelt moments, countered by heavy psychedelic riffs, some straight-ahead rock, some weird shit, plus a cover by one of my all-time favorites, one who was taken too soon….


Steve Marriott



On our way to a recent rehearsal in our East Oakland studio, we were welcomed with this scene:

17634800_10211198256606449_8947690327951364330_n.jpgLuckily the blaze was put out soon by the fire dept, and we got inside to work on a new song. Here is a short clip:


We’d like to thank Glenn Milligan at Metalville Zine  for the stellar review of First Stone:

Andalusia Rose – First Stone
(S/R – 2016)

​A trio from San Francisco, California made up of Wendy Lee Gadzuk (The 440’s), Jeff Vengeance (Flesh Eaters) and Paul Jarvis (Skinlab) who rock up the most amazing retro, earthy rock and then some.

Standouts on this seven tracker include ‘First Stone’ that puts me in mind of 70’s Heart, Jefferson Airplane and Vinegar Joe; the Southern Rock of ‘Coming Home’ and the incredible slide work in ‘Destroyer’ reminding me of Ronnie Wood in his Faces days. And that voice of Wendy is just off the chain at times!

You get the impression that it was cut live since it’s overall very warm, earthy, authentic and organic – wow! Just wow!


By Glenn Milligan

Thanks dude!!


Chris Cornell

As I write this, I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Chris Cornell. Another monster power-house vocalist who was taken far too soon. I hope your journey is swift. RIP Chris, and thank you for the music.


RIP Chris Cornell


The photo at the top of the page was taken by Tucson photographer Rachel Slick. Inspired by the band’s name, she had a vision as she draped me in red silk while I hid behind the rose skull mask. Star is there by necessity.

Thank you, our loyal fans, for your love and support. Visit us on Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp, where you can stream our music and purchase our stuff directly from us! All proceeds will go directly into our new record. Yeah, we’re on Twitter too, but we suck at Twitter.




Hang You High (New Digs)

So Jeff went outta town for half of August, Wendy has a new boyfriend and Paul went to Mexico and also saw ‘Compton’ and now he wants to be a rapper…Hahaha! Anyway, we recently changed rooms in our rehearsal studio. We moved from a room we quite liked but due to the Bay Are epidemic known as ‘THE RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH’  we were forced to seek alternate digs. So we moved into the room across the hall which may or may not become un-affordable to us at some point, but for now we really like it. It’s an old studio complete with a control room and ‘ratholes’ for cables etc. It also has a break room and a fridge.

New Old Digs

‘Sometimes you have to go back in order to move forward…’ I heard that somewhere…

So Wendy is back from the South and we moved into our new rehearsal space which is actually the first real room we had as a band until about a year ago. We were politely told to move out so the landlord could move in with some project or other. Anyway, after he kicked us out he eventually got to know us  and after he came to a few of our shows he realised he wanted us back in his space!

It really felt right when we got in there, like we never left.

Settling In

Gear on the Gurney, transitions and progress

Gear on the gurney pm

Jeff Vengeancec reporting!

Wendy is embarking on a short road trip for a week or so, and Paul will be going off to tour with Skinlab for a few weeks. While this is going on we are also moving to a new rehearsal space! We have been waiting to hear back from potential room mates, but they have been incommunicado thus leaving us to cover the whole thing for at least a month. Since Wendy had to bail, we grabbed the gear from the old room and stashed it at her spot until she returns.

Until then I will continue to fill out this wonderful new site we recently launched. Stay tuned for photos, videos, updates and show info. Follow the blog as well for the day to day action in camp Andalusia Rose!

Cheers from the Bay Area California!