Reviews roundup – King King vs. Gina Sicilia vs. Dust vs. Petrichor vs. Andalusia Rose

A recent review of our debut EP ‘First Stone’ via Zeitgeist/The Rocker UK.

The Rocker

Reviews roundup – King King vs. Gina Sicilia vs. Dust vs. Petrichor vs. Andalusia Rose

5127wrfswzlKING KING

Blimey!  That’s a lot of blues rock.  A double live CD and a DVD.  I’ll need a lie down.  See I come from a world where a double album meant 70 – 80 minutes of music but in the CD world you’re getting twice that.  Thankfully, however, King King have merely spread the 80 minutes over 2 discs which came as a tremendous relief.

The live album was recorded at King King’s hometown concert at the ABC in Glasgow on 14th May 2016 while the DVD was filmed at the Holmfirth Picturedrome a month earlier.  The band – Alan Nimmo (vocals, guitar), Lindsay Coulson (bass), Wayne Proctor (drums) and Bob Fridzema (keyboards) – certainly seem to relish the occasion and there is a lot to enjoy here.

Now I can’t tell…

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Next Stop Reno!



We tried to drive up to Reno a few months ago only to be thwarted by snow as the elevation increased on our way to the gig. We were a bit unaware as to the condition of the roads up there, but when we stopped for some snacks we were informed that we would have to purchase at least one set of tire chains to even be allowed to attempt to continue through to Reno. We had 2 vehicles to outfit with chains and actually contemplated for a second, going for it. Chains for 2 vehicles would set us back even more in cost and we already had to cover gas and potential lodging for the evening with no guarantee from the gig. Then our sense kicked in as we aren’t wreckless 20 somethings anymore and we made the obvious correct decision to cancel right there on the spot. Sometimes it’s hard to do that, this time not so much. Apparently as we were making this decision the weather was getting increasingly worse and we heard shortly after that they closed the road entirely and we would not have been allowed through, chains or no chains!


So Friday is a Reno redo! We will be playing with The Flesh Hammers who were so kind as to set up the previous gig and understanding enough to set up this one for us. Hopefully mother nature will also align herself to allow us to get in and get out safely. The location was recently changed to The Morris Burner Hotel/Hostel

Reno FB event Here



Right after that we head to The Caravan in San Jose to play with Bitch School who we played with up in Portland awhile back and Grimace and the Fakers from  San Jose!

FB Event Here

First Stone Arrives!

First Stone Arrives!

About a week ago we officially released our first proper recordings, an EP called ‘First Stone’ available for download or in physical format on cd and 3 kinds of vinyl! We have black and a limited amount of Blue and Blue with Oxblood splatter.

Fan photo courtesy of Rene Schraven (Netherlands)

We’ve sent out just about all of the rewards to our Indiegogo contributers and have already recieved a few orders and a couple of revieiws! Here are a few words from a review in City Slang.

“It’s apparent they have a very broad range of influences spanning the 60’s through the 90’s. There’s nothing cookie-cutter about any of it. Bottom line – This is well thought out music performed and recorded flawlessly.”

The album is self released and available via our Bandcamp:

In other News we have 2 shows this week that we are really looking forward to. This Thursday 6/18 we will be at Toots in Crockett with Lee Gallagher and The Hallelujah and Friday 6/19 we will be in San Jose to rock with Davey Pattison’s Gamma 

Destroyer Live at Nela 4.17.15

We had a blast down in LA with Best Western (The Hangmen) who have been around for quite awhile and deserve investigating.

Our journey started out great as we hopped on the road South to Los Angeles with full intention of checking out the ‘low tire pressure’ notice on the dash board at the first rest stop. Before we had a chance the rear left tire blew and we had to pull off to slap on a spare. We all pitched in and got the gear out of the back of the car as to access the little spare in the compartment beneath. It was a true test to our relationship as people which directly informs how we are as a band. No one panicked or flipped out, we just handled it with freeway traffic blazing past us the whole time.

We got back on the road and got a proper tire in Coalinga.

Anyway, we got to LA and played our hearts out and then immediately drove back to The Bay Area.

Here’s us doing ‘Destroyer’ watch Jeff eat a microphone at about 5:45!

We came home to an amazing sunrise.

Sunrise Pic by Jeff K

Header photo by Jamie Cassius

Feb 2015 updates!

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We had a good ol’ time playing our first ever show at Bottom of the Hill in SF with Scott H. Biram and Snakearm from Los Angeles.

Here are some clips from Scott’s Set:

Unfortunately there isn’t video of us to post here yet, so here’s a really quick slide show of us in action!

Other good news for us is that we are finally submitting our music for the ‘First Stone’ release and hope to have that pressed and available realistically by late Spring, We also have been approached by a small label out of Portugal to do a split single release, more on that as it develops!

 Our next show is at DNA (main stage) March 12th with Devil In California and Motor Sister featuring Scott Ian from Anthrax and members of Mother Superior, the Cult.


Stay tuned!