November Updates and Photo Slideshow

Winter rapidly approaches and we’re in a bit of a transitional phase right now. We’re not looking at any shows at this point but we’re working up some newer material and should be back in the studio in the next week or so to continue work on our next record.

Wendy is also getting ready for a big move out to the desert in the next month or so. This will mean a lot less activity in the Bay Area as we won’t be as liberal in the shows we take on. We plan to shift our focus to getting on bigger shows and working toward getting overseas eventually.

Which brings me to our most recent bit of press from The UK. we re-blogged this last week from Zeitgeist/The Rocker but in case you missed it, here’s our bit of the review isolated. For the original post go to Here

First Stone


“Three years on from their debut and Andalusia Rose are back with some excellent female fronted throwback hard rock.

They’ve got a seventies rock bedrock topped off with some blues and soul influences which really allows the vocals of Wendy Lee Gadzuk to shine through.  The band are a sharp sounding power trio who also throw in some psych and fuzz into the equation and end up with a fine sounding racket.

Bassist Jeff “Vengeance” Klukowski and drummer Paul Jarvis certainly know how to drive a rhythm and on songs like the title track and “Destroyer” the groove is quite amazing.  They lose direction a little on the last two tracks, especially on the cover of “The Rose” but they’re the kind of band that could and should rip a club to pieces.”



Caravan San Jose

 Our last couple of shows were at The Caravan in San Jose and The Golden Bull in Oakland. We just got a killer batch of pics from Mike Rosati  who has been shooting us since the early days. The pics in the slideshow below are from The Golden Bull.

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As always, your continued support is much appreciated. We have no label support and we don’t have trust  funds, so if you haven’t already, go check out our Bandcamp Site where we have music and merch for sale. Vinyl, cd’s stickers, downloads, art prints by Wendy and T-shirts printed by our bassist at his print shop in SF The Little Black Egg. All sales go right into our next recording. Thank you in advance and stay tuned for more!

October Updates (UK mag write up)


Just a few developments in our camp, pretty significant stuff though. First of all the biggest news is that our Wendy is moving to the desert! She’s been dreaming about it for some time now and you know how we artists like to make our dreams as much a reality as possible, so yes, our fearless leader is going ‘out there’ to find the stuff that dreams are made of.


Andalusia Rose ‘Desert Happenings’

This doesn’t mean the band is breaking up, on the contrary, we plan to finish this next recording which should result in our first full length release, lawd willin’ and if we can continue to raise enough funds to make it a reality. We’ve been doing this all on our own, with tiny bits of money coming in via merch sales and gig money etc. so we’re forced to record in batches which is tedious but necessary. We estimate a release by sometime in 2017!



The other update we have for you is that we were once again included in a UK publication called Fireworks Magazine. Our track ‘Let it Shine’ appears on the cd that accompanies the mag and also within’ the same cd (enhanced) is a pdf of an interview Wendy did with Nick Baldriani which we took the time to convert into a viewable format for your reading pleasure!


That’s all for now, no shows on the horizon as part of this transition means that we will be more selective with the shows we take on with Wendy being much farther away, so they have to be worth it. We also plan to focus more on getting this recording in the can and eventually pressed up and in your hands, ears and hopefully your hearts asap!

As mentioned earlier, we are operating independently with no outside help from labels or distro, so if you have any desire to help us continue to operate, please support our Bandcamp page, we have vinyl and cds available as well as high quality downloads, t-shirts and art prints by Wendy! If you have a friend who likes good music, pass it on!


Andalusia Rose on Radio Valencia!


From a recent review of  ‘First Stone’ on itunes:

Real Music!!: by Mikeymac420

“I heard “Let It Shine” on an alternative college radio station and recorded the song on my phone to sort through the lyrics and figure out who it was later. I can tell you with all my heart I am so glad I did and it was worth the half hour search. The whole album is killer. I would have bet this was some untapped gem from 92′. But its barely a year old which gives me hope for the future of music. Great, great stuff. Can’t wait for more to come!!” (Mikeymac420)


FullSizeRender (4)pm

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Last Sunday Wendy and Jeff went down to Ye Olde Mission District in SF to chop it up with Malderor on his show Malderor’s Curated Catastrophe. We covered everything from the origins of the band to some influences on our sound and the art of it all. We both brought a stack of music, mostly vinyl and had a blast spinning some of our favorite music. As an extra special treat we even offered a ‘sneak listen’ of some of what we are currently working on. We were also joined by DJ Deathwish who added some humor and also has a show called Cheap Hooch on Radio Valencia.

Listen Here: Malderor’s Curated Catastrophe w/Andalusia Rose



Watch a seamless segue from ‪#‎theflesheaters‬ ‘Shallow Water’ to‪#‎jefferyleepierce‬ ‘Get Away’ on vinyl! Hear background conversations about the trials and tribulations of ‪#‎experimentalcomedy‬ aka comedy on acid…y’know typical SF!

Another thing we spoke about was our new favorite local band The Electric Arrows who we recently played a couple of shows with, most recently at The Hemlock. Check out some of their brand of Soulful music in this collage of clips from that night, shot by our bassist Jeff.


We’ll be at JJ’s in San Jose this Saturday and next  month September 23rd we’ll be up in Reno to rip it up with The Flesh Hammers at Street Vibrations Motorcycle Show and we’ll be back in San Jose at The Caravan Sept 24th!


Also! You can now find our vinyl release at 1-2-3-4 Go! Record Store in Oakland!


Stay Tuned for more!

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Updates (June 13, 2016)


Since releasing ‘First Stone’ last year we’ve been working up quite a bit of material and have enough to begin putting together a proper full length! Our approach will be different this time as we will likely not use a crowdfunding platform to back this recording, though we may consider it for the pressing if we can’t get anyone to back that part of it after we have the music ‘in the can’.

Realistically, we expect to have something ready by years end, in the meantime we’ll  be playing some shows and trying to push the merch we have now in order to contribute the funds needed to cover studio time, so any support is appreciated. On our Bandcamp site there are various ways to pitch in, including music, t-shirts and original art prints created by Wendy herself! This is a multi-media endeavor as Wendy’s art is as much a part of the project as the music.

AR art print

1 0f a set of 3 prints by Wendy, available via our bandcamp!

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of the recording and once again, this Friday (6/17/16) we play the newly re-opened (under new management) Uptown Nightclub in Oakland CA with The Butlers and Los Sweet Bones!


Strutter Zine (reviews First Stone)

Following is a review of our EP First Stone from a music blog out of The Netherlands called Strutter Zine go check them out for more music coverage!


Andalusia Rose ‘First stone Vinyl LP’ (Glimmerhawk Music/USA Import)

 “Out of the San Francisco Bay Area comes Andalusia Rose, a band formed around Wendy Lee Gadzuk – Vocals, guitar, Jeff Vengeance – Bass/Guitar and Paul Jarvis – Drums. They have been influenced by everything between the 1960s and 1990s, from rock to metal to blues to delta to gospel to whatever comes to mind musically speaking which was created in those decades. They were kind enough to sent me their 2nd EP First stone on vinyl and I must say that the included music is indeed rerminding me a lot of bands from the long but never forgotten golden era of music. I can mention all kinds of bands, because there are quite a lot similarities notable, such as Jefferson Airplane, Shocking Blue, Devil’s Blood, 70s Heart and such, but Andalusia Rose is creating their own kind of music in which rock, gospel, doom metal and blues are melted into one exciting sound. The vinyl record sounds very good and especially side B is exciting and offering some great material. Destroyer is by far the finest song on the album, a superb piece of classic rock meets blues meets doom metal as if Blue Oyster Cult, Jefferson Airplane and Black Sabbath had a child that started this wonderful band called Andalusia Rose. Although most of the songs are rock orientated, there are also influences from the already mentioned gospel, blues and even soul genres. This makes the band a very interesting act to check out and I am quite positive that in the future we can welcome even stronger release of this band. Meanwhile, check them out at:

(Points: 8.1 out of 10)

Our next show is with The Butlers and Sweet Bones at The Uptown (recently re-opened) in Oakland Ca. June 17th!

FB event page


“First Stone” Tarot spread talk

This is Wendy here. I know it’s been a while since we made the video, but I wanted to do a short post about this as I have gotten some questions about the Tarot spread in the “First Stone” video shoot.

At the end of the shoot at my house (by Phillip Vielma), I decided to pull some Tarot cards. I laid out a spread previously of 3 major arcana from the Rider Waite Smith deck for the album photoshoot with Scott Reategui Richards, but I handpicked the cards specifically for the shoot at the time…The Magician, The High Priestess, and The Chariot. They conveyed the ideas of magic and alchemy, female intuition, and power with a clear destination that I felt represented the record. This time, it was spontaneous. I wanted to include some of this esoteric imagery in the video as well. I asked the cards to say what they wanted, and I laid out a traditional Celtic Cross spread. For some reason, I felt compelled to keep pulling cards, and I laid out an additional 4 cards on the right.


I was a bit taken aback by what I saw, and honestly felt some fear. This was a very heavy spread and I wasn’t quite sure what it was about yet. I have never, in all my time of either getting or giving readings, seen this many swords in a spread before. Just to put it in perspective, of the 78 cards in the deck, 14 are swords. I did a 14 card spread (pulling from the full deck), and 10 of the cards were swords.

In traditional tarot symbology, swords represent air – thoughts and/or ideas and intellect without emotion. They are also known to be the most difficult…heavy, dangerous, painful, representing conflict (internal or external) or even war. All this of course depends upon the surrounding cards, but when most of them are also swords, the blow of their meaning is not softened much.

At first I thought it was about some type of conflict within the band that I may not have even been aware of, which of course I didn’t want. Then as I sat and let the cards sink in and tried to separate myself from attachment to their meaning, I realized that the cards were about the song. The video captures these moments of me sitting in contemplation. I was thinking and trying to absorb the story I was seeing unfold in front of me.

This is what I saw:
A woman’s (because I relate to the idea of a woman, of course, and the song is written about a woman) heart has been broken and/or she has been betrayed. She tried to take the proper steps to tell her side of the story, but there was a swift rush to judgement, and there was nothing she could do about it but wait. A final decision is to be made, and the Emperor and Queen stabbed her in the back with a death sentence. She is defeated. She tries one last time to make an appeal, but she is tied and blindfolded, “condemned to die for the flame of her desire,” so the song goes.

Check out the video in its entirety below. Cheers!

Photo of Wendy by Esau Gutierrez

First Stone reviewed by V.C. vinyl community) member

Here’s a video review by Dereck Higgins, a sound artist out of Omaha, he also plays bass with R.A.F. (Rikk Agnew Fiasco) and is a member of the VC or ‘Vinyl Community’ a group of folks who started to record and upload youtube diaries of sorts that feature personal record collections, recent purchases, rarities etc. Here he reviews our new EP ‘First Stone’ as well as a record produced by another VC member ‘Schematics for a Blank Stare’.

April Update!

Not only did our bassist Jeff get to rock with Kid Congo Powers on Sunday March 29th, but Wendy also got up and sang a couple of songs on this very special night for ‘Sorrow Knows: A Tribute to Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club’ which took place at The Make Out Room in SF.

Jeff played over 20 Gun Club songs that night with 2 different line-ups and was in heaven doing it.

Here’s Sex Beat with our very own Jeff on bass, Doug Hilsinger on guitar, Jozef Becker on Drums and the one and only Kid Congo Powers on Guitar and vox:


Our next show is in a couple of weeks with our good friends The Hangmen down in LA.

They will be playing under the name Best Western. Also will be former Hangmen bassists band ‘Tramp For the Lord’

March Updates (‘First Stone’ EP/’Hang You High’ seven inch Split/East Bay and LA Shows!!!

DNA March 12th with Motor Sister

We had a fine time warming up the stage for Motor Sister, the stage at DNA in the main room is a really nice sounding stage and the sound guy, who we also worked with in the small room upstairs did a great job all around!

There was some photo coverage by Anti-Hero…   and a few others as you can see in the photo below!



In a previous post we announced the arrival of our test pressings for the vinyl version of ‘First Stone’. We have been auditioning them on various systems and we also gave our producer a good listen and with everyone’s approval we have gone ahead and put in the order!

We recieved 5 test pressings, 1 for each band member and 2 that will be winging their way to the kind and supportive folks that contributed to our indiegogo campaign last year as this was one of the incentives!

Pre-order vinyl or cds here:



A Tribute to Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club

Shortly after we did that epic show with LA’s The Flesh Eaters our bassist Jeff was approached by our ‘First Stone’ producer Eric Moffat about a show he is putting on in honor of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and the music of The Gun Club. The connection being that our bassist Jeff played with Chris D. (Flesh Eaters) who co-produced the First Gun Club record and also took the infamous image for the Miami album cover… Jeff will be handling bass in 2 of the main line-ups and Wendy was also tapped to sing a couple of songs as well! This will be a star studded event with many notable Bay Area musicians and special guest of honor Kid Congo Powers (original Gun Club member) will be joining us to make it a real family affair! Other musician of note are Peter Case. Tom Heyman, Mark Eitzel, Spike Slawson, Jon Weiss, Isaiah Mitchell (Earthless), Rykarda Parasol, Penelope Houston, Greg Dale, and many more! This is all going down at The Make Out Room in SF March 29th!

Join the






We also have an LA show with ‘Best Western’ a version of The Hangmen at Cafe Nela April 17th!

The Details are still being ironed out, but that will be a good time for sure!

see you there!