Next Stop Reno!



We tried to drive up to Reno a few months ago only to be thwarted by snow as the elevation increased on our way to the gig. We were a bit unaware as to the condition of the roads up there, but when we stopped for some snacks we were informed that we would have to purchase at least one set of tire chains to even be allowed to attempt to continue through to Reno. We had 2 vehicles to outfit with chains and actually contemplated for a second, going for it. Chains for 2 vehicles would set us back even more in cost and we already had to cover gas and potential lodging for the evening with no guarantee from the gig. Then our sense kicked in as we aren’t wreckless 20 somethings anymore and we made the obvious correct decision to cancel right there on the spot. Sometimes it’s hard to do that, this time not so much. Apparently as we were making this decision the weather was getting increasingly worse and we heard shortly after that they closed the road entirely and we would not have been allowed through, chains or no chains!


So Friday is a Reno redo! We will be playing with The Flesh Hammers who were so kind as to set up the previous gig and understanding enough to set up this one for us. Hopefully mother nature will also align herself to allow us to get in and get out safely. The location was recently changed to The Morris Burner Hotel/Hostel

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Right after that we head to The Caravan in San Jose to play with Bitch School who we played with up in Portland awhile back and Grimace and the Fakers from  San Jose!

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Our Southwest Roadtrip and Wendy’s Interview!

We recently went on a short road trip, playing Los Angeles, Joshua Tree, Tucson, Bisbee, and Las Vegas. The trip was a blast, and we had the good fortune of having Ames Flames, “Roadie to the Stars,” on board with us for the tour! What a difference it made having someone helping us out, and it didn’t hurt that he had some great stories to tell as well. Here we are after it all, dropping Ames off at his home in the hills of downtown Los Angeles, quietly looking down on the city from high above.

Wendy and her old pal Jo-Ann Rogan of Philly punk rock band Thorazine, recently did an interview which aired on East Coast radio station WESU, 88.1FM on Dec. 8th, by Cyma Shapiro. The focus of the interview, called “Front Women of Alternative Rock,” was women over 40 in rock and roll. Hear them talk about sexism and/or the lack thereof, touring pre-GPS, and where inspiration continues to come from. Click here for the archived link!

New song live debut!

We hadn’t played a show since our record release show back in July at The Make Out, so it was a blast to get out on the road for a few gigs up in The Pacific Northwest. We played 3 shows in 3 nights, Eugene-Portland and Seattle. Portland was the biggest turnout. Here is a new song we just brought out, it was fun to lay this on a good crowd. This was at Dante’s in Portland Or.

New Song and upcoming shows

We’ll e playing 3 shows over this Halloween weekend. Oct 29th we play Black Forest in Eugene with The ghost Next Door. Friday we play Dante’s in Portland with Bitch School and Hell’s Belles!! Finally on Saturday we cap it off with the last show ever at The Mix in Seattle, a special Halloween show,this one with Sioux City Pete and The Beggars and Pilot to Bombadier.

Here is a new song we’ve been working up to be debuted at these upcoming shows: