Flashback 2015 Andalusia Rose/Flesh Eaters at G.A.M.H.

Happy New Year!

There hasn’t been a post here for awhile since we’ve been taking a break from shows and pretty much everything so Wendy can settle into her new desert digs with her wildman partner in guitar slinging crime, Tony Wheels…and a bunch of cats. Paul’s going ice fishing in Alaska with his buddies in Skinlab and Jeff’s been living the San Francisco dream working in a record store and trying to survive in a city he can’t afford.

We will be getting back to rehearsing this month and hopefully we will get back in the studio soon to continue work on our next record!!

In the meantime dig into this blog post from our bassist Jeffs blog (we didn’t have a blog then). There are links and video from the show and it also ties into Jeff’s background as he played guitar with The Flesh Eaters for some time in the 90’s. It’s hard to believe it has been 2 years since this gig! This was definitely a highlight of our past few years playing shows.



Andalusia Rose on Radio Valencia!


From a recent review of  ‘First Stone’ on itunes:

Real Music!!: by Mikeymac420

“I heard “Let It Shine” on an alternative college radio station and recorded the song on my phone to sort through the lyrics and figure out who it was later. I can tell you with all my heart I am so glad I did and it was worth the half hour search. The whole album is killer. I would have bet this was some untapped gem from 92′. But its barely a year old which gives me hope for the future of music. Great, great stuff. Can’t wait for more to come!!” (Mikeymac420)


FullSizeRender (4)pm

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Last Sunday Wendy and Jeff went down to Ye Olde Mission District in SF to chop it up with Malderor on his show Malderor’s Curated Catastrophe. We covered everything from the origins of the band to some influences on our sound and the art of it all. We both brought a stack of music, mostly vinyl and had a blast spinning some of our favorite music. As an extra special treat we even offered a ‘sneak listen’ of some of what we are currently working on. We were also joined by DJ Deathwish who added some humor and also has a show called Cheap Hooch on Radio Valencia.

Listen Here: Malderor’s Curated Catastrophe w/Andalusia Rose



Watch a seamless segue from ‪#‎theflesheaters‬ ‘Shallow Water’ to‪#‎jefferyleepierce‬ ‘Get Away’ on vinyl! Hear background conversations about the trials and tribulations of ‪#‎experimentalcomedy‬ aka comedy on acid…y’know typical SF!

Another thing we spoke about was our new favorite local band The Electric Arrows who we recently played a couple of shows with, most recently at The Hemlock. Check out some of their brand of Soulful music in this collage of clips from that night, shot by our bassist Jeff.


We’ll be at JJ’s in San Jose this Saturday and next  month September 23rd we’ll be up in Reno to rip it up with The Flesh Hammers at Street Vibrations Motorcycle Show and we’ll be back in San Jose at The Caravan Sept 24th!


Also! You can now find our vinyl release at 1-2-3-4 Go! Record Store in Oakland!


Stay Tuned for more!

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Next Show! The Hemlock July 29th!


Yes! We’re excited for this show. SF venues have gotten a little scarce but there are still great places to play and to go see solid bands. The Hemlock is one of those long standing dives that has somehow managed to not become an oyster bar or cheese shop, or a Parking garage although about a year ago there was some developer interest in that entire block according to this 2015 Article and we’re not sure what ever became of that so it is still a possibility that we could lose yet another staple to the SF music scene. The Hemlock  is also a great place to catch touring bands of the underground.

Friday July 29th we will be sharing the bill with Sweetwater Black  and The Electric Arrows  both from The Bay Area. We played with The Electric Arrows a couple of months back at Benders and they are a blast. There’s a short clip of them in action below.


Flyer by Szandora LaVey

Hemlock Tavern Show Info

Little More (Live at O’Malley’s in Mountain View)

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We had some fun at O’Malley’s in Mountain View last Friday. Here’s some video of Little More from that set.

Our next show is in San Francisco at The Hemlock with The Electric Arrows who we recently played with at Bender’s and they really smoke! Also Sweetwater Black will be on the bill with us.

We are also recording again, so stay tuned for more on that!


FullSizeRender (20)

It has been an unexpectedly busy week for us. About a month ago we were approached by a producer/engineer with a studio in Berkeley called Rehab Recorders he offered us a really good deal on some studio time and it was just enough of a spark to light the fire in us to begin recording our next release.tentatively titled ‘work in progress’. We’ve been working up some new material for the past year or so and have enough stuff to put together a full length. We’re not sure when this will be finished or how we will actually press something for our fans, but there will be music!

Enjoy a few clips from our first couple of days in production.

Visit our Bandcamp Site for ways to support our next release, there are cds, vinyl, t-shirts and prints of Wendy’s art all available direct from us!

Pics and video shot and edited by Jeff K. 2016



We did a video shoot for KMVT (Mountain View) last week which will air on their local television station and then on their youtube channel for future enjoyment. We’ll share the video when it’s available. We had a show the day after our shoot at Winters in Pacifica, here’s a clip from the finale!

Andalusia Rose Live at Winters (Pacifica)

 (a bit of the end of ‘Destroyer’)

Our next San Francisco show is with The Electric Arrows at Benders and we look forward to that one, we always have a blast playing there and we cherish what’s left of the San Francisco music scene as far as fun trashy rock and roll bar venues go.


‘Rosie’ assemblage by Wendy Gadzuk gif by Jeff K. check out more of Wendy’s art at www.wendyleegadzuk.com

“First Stone” Tarot spread talk

This is Wendy here. I know it’s been a while since we made the video, but I wanted to do a short post about this as I have gotten some questions about the Tarot spread in the “First Stone” video shoot.

At the end of the shoot at my house (by Phillip Vielma), I decided to pull some Tarot cards. I laid out a spread previously of 3 major arcana from the Rider Waite Smith deck for the album photoshoot with Scott Reategui Richards, but I handpicked the cards specifically for the shoot at the time…The Magician, The High Priestess, and The Chariot. They conveyed the ideas of magic and alchemy, female intuition, and power with a clear destination that I felt represented the record. This time, it was spontaneous. I wanted to include some of this esoteric imagery in the video as well. I asked the cards to say what they wanted, and I laid out a traditional Celtic Cross spread. For some reason, I felt compelled to keep pulling cards, and I laid out an additional 4 cards on the right.


I was a bit taken aback by what I saw, and honestly felt some fear. This was a very heavy spread and I wasn’t quite sure what it was about yet. I have never, in all my time of either getting or giving readings, seen this many swords in a spread before. Just to put it in perspective, of the 78 cards in the deck, 14 are swords. I did a 14 card spread (pulling from the full deck), and 10 of the cards were swords.

In traditional tarot symbology, swords represent air – thoughts and/or ideas and intellect without emotion. They are also known to be the most difficult…heavy, dangerous, painful, representing conflict (internal or external) or even war. All this of course depends upon the surrounding cards, but when most of them are also swords, the blow of their meaning is not softened much.

At first I thought it was about some type of conflict within the band that I may not have even been aware of, which of course I didn’t want. Then as I sat and let the cards sink in and tried to separate myself from attachment to their meaning, I realized that the cards were about the song. The video captures these moments of me sitting in contemplation. I was thinking and trying to absorb the story I was seeing unfold in front of me.

This is what I saw:
A woman’s (because I relate to the idea of a woman, of course, and the song is written about a woman) heart has been broken and/or she has been betrayed. She tried to take the proper steps to tell her side of the story, but there was a swift rush to judgement, and there was nothing she could do about it but wait. A final decision is to be made, and the Emperor and Queen stabbed her in the back with a death sentence. She is defeated. She tries one last time to make an appeal, but she is tied and blindfolded, “condemned to die for the flame of her desire,” so the song goes.

Check out the video in its entirety below. Cheers!

Photo of Wendy by Esau Gutierrez

New song live debut!

We hadn’t played a show since our record release show back in July at The Make Out, so it was a blast to get out on the road for a few gigs up in The Pacific Northwest. We played 3 shows in 3 nights, Eugene-Portland and Seattle. Portland was the biggest turnout. Here is a new song we just brought out, it was fun to lay this on a good crowd. This was at Dante’s in Portland Or.