We had a blast down in LA with Best Western (The Hangmen) who have been around for quite awhile and deserve investigating.

Our journey started out great as we hopped on the road South to Los Angeles with full intention of checking out the ‘low tire pressure’ notice on the dash board at the first rest stop. Before we had a chance the rear left tire blew and we had to pull off to slap on a spare. We all pitched in and got the gear out of the back of the car as to access the little spare in the compartment beneath. It was a true test to our relationship as people which directly informs how we are as a band. No one panicked or flipped out, we just handled it with freeway traffic blazing past us the whole time.

We got back on the road and got a proper tire in Coalinga.

Anyway, we got to LA and played our hearts out and then immediately drove back to The Bay Area.

Here’s us doing ‘Destroyer’ watch Jeff eat a microphone at about 5:45!

We came home to an amazing sunrise.

SunriseĀ Pic by Jeff K

Header photo by Jamie Cassius

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